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Betrayal is a board game where you explore a haunted mansion with friends (3-6 player game). The gameplay starts with everybody cooperating, exploring, adding rooms, and collecting items. Each turn players can choose to explore the mansion existing rooms, or to add on additional rooms if they want to explore a direction that hasn't been setup yet (this will add on a new random tile the player can draw).

The purpose of BetrayalCharacterStats is to keep track of player stats in the "Betrayal at House on The Hill" board game. I built it using Android Studio and Java.
The game comes with cardboard sheets with the player names and little plastic nubs to keep tracks of the "points" under each player's stats. I created the app because it is very easy to accidentally shift the tabs wrongly or drop the cardboard and lose the stats.
The mobile app can be downloaded for Android by going to the Google Play Store

The project source code can be found here:


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