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Free & Paid Resources for Getting Started in IT

For those who are new to technology, it can be hard to find what resources exist.  I will put two asteriks** next to the ones I recommend most. But, most of all.. you need to build things! Build things, then put them up on GitHub. Build things alone, build things with friends, but once you get the basics down... go build things.  Free courses for beginners: CodinGame  - fun free way to start learning to code. Partially free, pay to get more, for beginners:  Code Academy ** - interactive learning programming, you have a goal to complete you try to write the correct code to complete the goal.  Then you move on to the next goal and it takes you through the series with hands on coding. Large catalog of in depth courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, SQL, Ruby, Bash/Shell... Code School  - same as above. Has a wide range of langugages from Ruby, PHP, Python, Git, iOS stuff, JavaScript, HTML/CSS... Treehouse - same as above, but focuses mostly on web development. Free