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Free Team Accounts: GitHub, Unity, and VSTS

I wanted to compare and contrast common tools used for source control.  I like different tools depending on what I am doing.  At work, I use VSTS because I work in an enterprise with many teams and lots of needs for project management, testing, and build/release.  For most projects on my own or with friends, GitHub is simple to setup and get going.  I also like to make Android apps for fun on the side and I choose Unity's source control over GitHub's because it is more integrated into the whole Unity platform.  I have summarized the 3 options below: Used for open source, personal projects, and some enterprises.  Unlimited users Public repos by default, $7 a month for private repos There is a basic board for organizing your work on a board and issue tracking.  It is really only built for Kanban (which is a to do list sort of workflow).  Can't really handle sprint tracking.  Includes a Wiki.  Recommend for: open source projects or small projects that you want to be